2021 September - Web Site and Additional Donation Vehicles

We successfully launched this web site, thanks to Google Workspace for Nonprofits. In coming weeks the original trevorsNewDay.Foundation site will be re-directed to this domain.

We are adding a PayPal Nonprofits account to provide donation options.

2021 August - Reclassification Request Submitted

We completed paperwork and submitted to IRS to request foundation reclassification.

Continued to receive donations, including sizeable donation from one of Trevor's former neighbors. Thanks!

2021 July - Richmond Parks & Reclassification

We contacted Richmond Parks and began discussing opportunities to build and install public benches on Belle Isle.

We began preparing paperwork to pursue IRS reclassification as a Private Operating Foundation.

2021 May - Blue Sky Fund, matching donation

In May the Blue Sky Fund ran a dollar for dollar matching campaign to support upcoming summer programs. Trevor's foundation donated $1,000 which ultimately resulted in a $2,000 donation.

2021 April - Other Donor Sources

In April we learned of other donors, and donation sources, having a desire to support the foundation. Some donors wanted to use their Donor Advised Fund as a donation source. Another donor, with their own private foundation, wanted to leave a sizeable grant for Trevor's Foundation. Unfortunately, due to our classification neither of these donation sources were viable. At this point we began considering whether or not we should pursue classification as either 'public charity' or 'private operating foundation'.


2020 December - Blue Sky Fund & Daily Planet Health Services

The foundation donated $1,500 to The Blue Sky Fund. The "Blue Sky Fund is a youth development non-profit that provides transformational experiences for urban youth through outdoor education."

The foundation donated $1,500 to Daily Planet Health Services, a Richmond organization whose mission is to "provide accessible, comprehensive, and integrated quality health services to anyone regardless of their housing, financial, citizenship, or insurance status."

2021 November - Project I - Hollywood

We scoured the internet, and other sources, looking for durable outdoor benches worthy of heavy public use. We ultimately landed on King's River Castings, in Sanger California. They produce high quality heavy duty benches available either assembled or for on-site assembly. We cast concrete forms with embedded threaded bolts to help prevent the bench from wandering away and to provide extra stability. The bench was installed in November and has seen a lot of public use since that time.

2020 October - Foundation Formation and IRS 501(c)(3) Exempt Organization Approval

The Virginia non-stock, non-profit corporation was formed and the IRS recognized Trevors New Day Foundation as 501(c)(3) exempt organization categorized as a Private non-operating Foundation (PF).

The foundation received roughly $3,000 in public donations.